July 1 - July 22

New Worship - 8:40 AM
Christian Education for All Ages - 10:00 AM
Morning Worship - 11:00 AM


1207 Washington Road
Pittsburgh PA 15228


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    Summer Fusion Lock-in

    Friday, July 27 - Saturday, July 28 -  Save the date for Student Ministries' Summer Fusion Lock-in.  Read More...

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    eCare: Driven to "Insanity"

    One of my mother’s iconic lines she uses to reference people with whom she has a disagreement is “…(so and so) drives me to insanity!” I’ve always smiled when she said that in my presence and my delight at her vexation made her even MORE insane!   Read More...

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    Summer Story Time

    Friday, July 20 – 10 AM. Summer Story Times are for families with children birth through kindergarten (though older siblings are welcome)  Read More...

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    eCare: "I Want My Way!"

    This week we are holding our annual Vacation Bible School ministry at Beverly Heights and, as usual, it is a great experience. Lisa Tyger and her assistant, Lisa Wahl, have done a wonderfully thorough job of preparing for this signature outreach to children   Read More...

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